About Prestige Industrial Finishing

The systems used by Prestige Industrial Finishing Co. are constructed to reflect the quality requirements necessary to produce smooth, adherent, high-quality finishes, as required in the standards for MIL-F-18264 and MIL-I-45208. Our facilities (working space, equipment, environment, etc.) enable us to produce a product with the highest quality standards in accordance with the required specifications.

  • Military-Specifications are available on premise with all the latest revisions.
  • Certification of compliance is produced with any order that requires the specification of application.
  • Quality Assurance Manual is available upon request.


Masking is performed in accordance with the documents provided by the customer. These may consist of a blueprint, an exact description on a purchase order or other documentation that lists the specifications for masking. Prestige takes pride in the masking capabilities of our technicians. The custom masking produces a final product with great consistency that complies with the specifications of the order.