Mil-Spec Painting of Lighting Components for Commercial Airlines

Lighting Components for Commercial Airlines
Lighting Components for Commercial Airlines

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We have been painting lighting components for airlines for over 25 years.

Painting on plastic presents a unique problem, so we carefully chose materials and application strategies that would promote optimal adhesion. After carefully applying the selective masking, we primed and painted the components, which were air dried to achieve the proper cure. Rigorous adhesion testing assured the coating would not chip or flake during use. These components, which featured dimensions of up to 1’ in length, were processed within a 5-day turnaround.

Choosing the best mil-spec certified materials and correct application technology made this project a success. If you have a similar project and would like more details about our processes, please contact us today.

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Mil-Spec Painting of Lighting Components for a Commercial Airline – Project Information

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Overall Part Dimensions
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Lighting Components

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